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Body Locs  Solution for Frame-to-Cab Clamping

for the 2009 Ford F-150 Our Clamping System

creates a solid lock between cab and frame,

isolates body mounts from pull forces

 and allows for Cab-On pulls

  •    Remove Two Muffler Bolts and Electrical Box 

  • (It is not necessary to remove gas tank)

  • Mount Clamps in Oblong Holes on Frame that are 45" Apart

  •  Install  48 Linkage Bar

  • Tighten 4 Bolt While Holding Saddle Up

  • Adjust Clamp Upward and Tighten

  • Install Top Halves of Sheet Metal Clamps

  • Tighten Sheet Metal Clamps

  • When Pulling Lengthwise Counter Chain Over Block or Jack Stand


   When Making Down Pull, Block Under Saddle

  • The determination of Repair or Replace is now more critical then ever with the introduction of Ultra High Strength Steel (U.H.S.S.) into the auto body repair industry.
  • Our system is an affordable, easy, clamping system that works in unison with your existing repair methods and machines.
  • Cost of Repair is everyones concern. Repairs need to be quick and simple, and keeping TOTALS to a minimal is paramount.
  • During a collision, indirect damage or Carry-Over to adjacent parts occurs. This will be amplified now that U.H.S.S. parts are incorporated into body structures.
  • Parts suffering Carry-Over Damage that have only been curved or bowed, can be straightened without changing the molecular properties on the repaired part.
  • If kinks or cracks are found in any U.H.S. part, then a change at the molecular level has occurred and rendered the parts unrepairable and the parts must be replaced. 
  • Heat is normally not recommended in the repair of any U.H.S.S. part.
  • If pulls are made against body mounts, even light pulls, and the cab is not anchored, due to the strength of U.H.S. structures, the body mounts can yield and secondary damage in floor pans can occur.

Hints: Determine what materials you are working with such as U.H.S.S., DP980, Martensitic, and Born H.S. Steel) and follow O.E.M. recommendations.

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